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A new, patented, revolutionary, simple yet very cost-efficient unit for the purpose of the pipe assembly business. Makes expensive cranes and scaffolds redundant. The lifting of pipes in pipe racks using the PRJ is both easy and safe. The inspection of pipes, replacement or maintenance of supports can all be done in a very cheap and easy manner. The PRJ is indispensable for every job that needs time and cost efficiency.

After installing the PRJ within a minute, a pipe can be lifted in 40 seconds. Using a crane or chain hoist on a scaffold will take 4 to 6 hours or even more. 

Target groups and industries:

Pipeline builders
Maintenance departments
Safety services (fire)
Inspection services
(Petro) chemical industry
Power plants
Paper factories
Bio-ethanol plants
LNG and offshore
Food industry
Industrial HVAC
Anywhere with pipes present

Technical specifications of the PRJ:

Basis material: Anodized first-rate aluminum
Pipe diameter: up to DN400 (16”)
Width/Height: 100-320 mm
Bundle width: 100 – 230 mm
Maximum load: 2500 kg
Business temperature: -40 °C to +100 °C
Light height: minimum 150 mm
Void weight: 24,3 kg
Dimensions: 926 x 278 x 120 mm
CE certified
In accordance with 2006/42/EG norm
Setup: 1 minute
Time needed for lifting pipe: 40 seconds

Have a look at a Pipe Rack Jack video here:
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The Pipe Rack Jack is only available for rent at Deltarent!

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